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The Teacher Applicant

In Uncategorized on 05/27/2009 at 7:24 pm

After being interviewed by  the school administration,

The teaching prospect said, “Let me see if I’ve got this right:

You want me to… Go into that room with all those kids,

1. Correct their disruptive behavior,
2. observe  them for signs of abuse,
3. monitor their dress habits,
4. censor their  T-shirt messages,
5. and instill in them a love for learning.

You want me to..

6 – check their backpacks for weapons,
7 – wage war on  drugs and sexually transmitted diseases, and
8 – raise their sense of self  esteem and personal pride.

You want me to….

 9 – teach them  patriotism and good citizenship, sportsmanship and
      fair play, and
10 – how to register to vote,
11 – balance a checkbook, and
12 – apply for a job.

You want me to:

13 – check their heads for lice,
14 – recognize signs of anti-social behavior, and
15 – make sure that they all pass the state exams.

You also want me to:

16 – provide them with an equal education regardless of their
       handicaps, and
17 – communicate  regularly with their parents in English and Spanish
       by letter, telephone,  conferences, email, homework hotline, web
       page, midterm newsletters, and  report card.

You want me to do all this with a piece of chalk, a  blackboard, a
bulletin board, a few books, a big smile, and a starting  salary that
qualifies me for food stamps.

You want me to do all this and then you tell me…….


Are you nuts!

(Goes to show as a nation we are also morally bankrupt)

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Emergency? Not any more!

In Funny Buzz on 05/19/2009 at 3:06 pm

If True or Not I can’t verify, but I know I’ve had similar experiences when calling emergency services.  Nothing like calling a hotline and being put on hold soon as they find out no one is dead or dying.

George Phillips , an elderly man, from Meridian, Mississippi, was going up to bed, when his wife told him that he’d left the light on in the garden shed, which she could see from the bedroom window. George opened the back door to go turn off the light, but saw that there were people in the shed stealing things.

He phoned the police, who asked “Is someone in your house?”He said “No,” but some people are breaking into my garden shed and stealing from me.

Then the police dispatcher said “All patrols are busy. You should lock your doors and an officer will be along when one is available.” 

George said, “Okay.” 

He hung up the phone and counted to 30. 

Then he phoned the police again.

“Hello, I just called you a few seconds ago because there were people stealing things from my shed. Well, you don’t have to worry about them now because I just shot them.” and he hung up.”

Within five minutes, six Police Cars, a SWAT Team, a Helicopter, two Fire Trucks, a Paramedic, and an Ambulance showed up at the Phillips’ residence, and caught the burglars red-handed

One of the Policemen said to George, “I thought you said that you’d shot them!” 

George said, “I thought you said there was nobody available!” 


Don’t mess with old people

Live well, laugh often, love much!!!

The above story has NOT been able to be verified as factual.  However, part of it did occur in September 2003 when a Pastor in Odessa, TX felt the police were taking too long to respond.  He called back and said he was holding hostages threatening to kill them. Police were pulled off three other calls to respond.  He went to jail for a false report.  Here is the proof:



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Presidential Worth To Americans

In Political Buzz on 05/16/2009 at 4:30 pm

President Bush Working To Help AmericansPresident Bush Working


President Reagan Working To Help AmericansPresident Reagan Working


Nuff SaidNuff Said

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We Threw Our Economy Away

In Home Buzz, Money Buzz, Political Buzz on 05/06/2009 at 8:05 pm

Somewhere along the way in the last 25 years or so, America changed and started throwing the economy away along with our future. We produced little but consumed voraciously. We have become complacent and lazy asking not what can we do for our country, but what can we do for ourselves.

Think about this, we have become a disposable society. We have very little of value on average. Very little of REAL MONETARY VALUE! Clamoring for cheaper and cheaper quality has all but disappeared as mfrs. shift to meet demand. So we have furniture, electronics, cars and clothing that are not made to last. In years past, your used TV or Sofa or Clothing was worth a lot more than it is today. In fact, back then what you paid for it used, you now can buy it new for today in many cases. Corners are cut everywhere to lower costs. It’s not going to last for years. Part of it is panned death so mfrs. can sell more product, but mostly it is us. We got exactly what we wanted.

For the past generation or two, we have spent and spent AND spent on electronics, clothes, shoes, TV’s, cars, etc… It breaks we throw it away and buy another one. We have NO assets in our households on average that have any type residual value. Used vcr? $10, used dvd? $20, used TV? $100-$300. Used sofa? $50 Used dining table? 125 maybe.

 We have spent 4, 5 or 6 times on the SAME THING in the past couple decades. A LARGE part of that money WENT OVERSEAS! So we took OUR jobs and threw them away. Then we bought cheap goods over and over and threw the money away every time we threw that thing away that broke or wore out and got a new one. We have consumed ourselves into this depression this time.

We spent our money, have nothing to show for it and just threw it all away on nothing but living good. When things get rough, we have to tighten but there is nothing to tighten so then what? We crash is what and that is what has happened. Not only did we cut our throats on the manufacturing and consumer end, we became a service economy but we all but eradicated that ourselves.

Throw it away, don’t fix it and you put all the service businesses out of business. It’s not the “Lonely Maytag Man” because of high quality. It’s the BANKRUPT repair man because of poor quality and no work! It costs $149 to fix a camera you can buy new for $189! It costs $1,800 to replace the flat panel display on that TV on your wall but the TV only costs $1,699 to buy it new! Bookshelves cost $255 to repair when you broke it apart moving, BUT you only paid $85 for it at Ikea!

We threw our economy away. We spent all our money on hollow assets that don’t last and were just expenses. Now that it’s broke, we can’t fix it because it costs too much to fix. But we also can’t buy a new one becasue WE are broke. That leaves the factories unable to sell anything. Then the moneygrubbers, er uh brokers, found a way to make more money with paper. Another hollow asset!

Well just like our consumer goods in durables that AREN’T durable crashed, so too did the markets right along with mfrg. Why do you think you still had your parents AND grandparents furniture for so many years AFTER they had it? Why did your parents keep that B&W or Sepia TV for 5 years AFTER color TV’s came out? Because they WORKED! They had 78’s and record players played all THREE speeds for decades because the RECORDS LASTED!

Why did mom iron on those patches in the knees or our jeans or stitch the seams? Because the rest of them were still new! Why did we have shoe repair places around almost every neighborhood? Because the shoes were great and it was less than 1/4 the cost to resole or repair and the rest of the shoe was in GREAT condition. No need to throw them out.

But for the past 20 years, we spent and spent AND spent but buying and rebuying the same things. It took BOTH parents working to keep up. Pay the bills, eat, and keep buying. Our “durables” were consumables. Washing Machines that used to last 20 years we had to buy every 2 or 3 years. Dishwashers that lasted 10 years (even though it was horrid green or yellow on the outside) worked great on the inside but today’s models start to go between 1-2 years.  Extended warranty’s on so many small electronics are half the cost or more of buying a new one.

Mom had the iron that she got from Grandma and it had STEAM too! You may not even own an iron but if you do I’ll bet it’s your 4th one! In the past 10 years I know I have gone through at LEAST a dozen assorted types of food processors.  None worked right or as intended and none lasted more than a year.  I remember the one mom had.  She had ONE and lasted 4 years until I moved out, it was still in the kitchen cabinet. 

We used to save up and buy quality. We would get a loan to pay for big purchases. The washer and dryer, or the sofa, or the TV, even the car! ALL of them would be paid for LONG before they became useless. ALL of them were repairable at reasonable prices. No longer today. Sure, we still finance all our “big purchases” like these. The problem is we are paying 3 years to 5 years for things that break, die and are replaced before the darned thing is paid off! Nothing like making payments on something you don’t have anymore AND making payments on the new one you bought to replace it!

We threw it away, ALL of it! We need to return to quality of yesterday regardless that it costs more. Factories need to plan and work their production according to what is NEEDED and can be sold rather than build it and try to sell as may as possible. Find the need and DELIVER IT! Let the big money brokers lenders and financial markets crash! Let them go bust.

It was stupid for us to spend WAY over a TRILLION DOLLARS and AGAIN WE HAVE NOTHING FOR IT BUT DEBT!!!! (The total price all added is over a Trillion and we’re not done spending yet).   You take THAT cash, distribute it to ALL THE TAXPAYERS and they will buy from the companies that fill their needs. The factories will get new orders and the economy will flourish. Bankers, lenders and paper peddlers will get crushed. So what! Better to let them fail and belly up compared to all the citizens in America going belly up!

 WAKE THE FUCK UP AMERICA! Get our country out of the trash and stop throwing things away. WASH THOSE DISHES and stop buying paper plates. Tell them PAPER and to hell with plastic. Recycle the paper. We didn’t use many trash bags as kids. But we learned to empty our containers before throwing any away so as kids we didn’t have to carry out the nasty soggy tearing open brown garbage bag. Bring back the deposits on bottles AND cans! Some things we have today may be better but not really in the whole scheme of things. Hybrid cans may last long and be a little cheaper. But they last long and that costs more on the environment. Not only that, they are not recyclable.

Much better to see rusting cans at the dump than nice bright composites. At least you know it’s going back where it came from.  WE need to go back to where we came from.  Something is wrong when it’s cheaper WITH freight to get something from the other side of the world than it is to get it here.  Oh yeah, lets not get started on slave labor and govt. subsidized operations.  There is disparity sure.  These things have to be reviewed and worked on over time.  But for now, STOP THROWING OUR FUTURE AWAY!

BUY AMERICAN but BUY QUALITY!  I don’t mean quality of workmanship but the whole package including quality of materials and durability.  Don’t buy anymore “disposable” anything.  If it’s not going to last you 5 years, don’t buy it!  You know that a sofa that costs $399 at Rooms to Go is NOT going to last long.  Save the money and buy something that costs $1,200 and you know is going to last 5 times as long.  THAT is your value.  Buy a timeless style not a “fad.  Buy something that it is worth recovering 5 years down the road.  Spend that $800 to recover the good sofa.  Don’t spend $399 on a crap sofa and think you have $401 left to spend on “fun”.  It don’t work like that.  The sofa is gone a year later, the fun is gone the next day, you are out $800 and no sofa at all.  Of course this is an example but the pricing and comparisons percentage wise are accurate.  In fact, don’t buy ANY furniture at Rooms To Go!  Hang out at their warehouses, all the trucks are from overseas.  That is their crap coming in and our money going out.  STOP IT!  Don’t shop Ikea either!  Stop buying the cheap crap. 

Don’t buy it just because it says “Made In USA” either!  Buy it if it is good quality and built to last.  It should have a warranty on it that you shouldn’t have to play twister to get covered if you need it.  You should have to buy a warranty either.  Those warranty services are mostly jokes when it comes to furniture.  Same with all the small electronics.  Those are nothing but profit centers for them.

LEARN AND STUDY, STUDY AND LEARN!  The internet is FULL of free expert guidance on just about anything!    Become informed, buy quality, buy it for an intended purpose and need.  Buy it for the expected life.

I don’t know HOW the hell we are going to get out of this mess we are in now.  WE threw it all away.  NOW we let politicians take over, rule and throw it all away.  The American People are duped and just go with the flow.  Running on fumes and fear we are like sheep and quick to follow anything if we are told it’s ok.  Don’t be so damned gullible!  Read, study and learn all you need to in order to have a better tomorrow.  Otherwise you will have thrown away tomorrow too!

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