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The Teacher Applicant

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After being interviewed by  the school administration,

The teaching prospect said, “Let me see if I’ve got this right:

You want me to… Go into that room with all those kids,

1. Correct their disruptive behavior,
2. observe  them for signs of abuse,
3. monitor their dress habits,
4. censor their  T-shirt messages,
5. and instill in them a love for learning.

You want me to..

6 – check their backpacks for weapons,
7 – wage war on  drugs and sexually transmitted diseases, and
8 – raise their sense of self  esteem and personal pride.

You want me to….

 9 – teach them  patriotism and good citizenship, sportsmanship and
      fair play, and
10 – how to register to vote,
11 – balance a checkbook, and
12 – apply for a job.

You want me to:

13 – check their heads for lice,
14 – recognize signs of anti-social behavior, and
15 – make sure that they all pass the state exams.

You also want me to:

16 – provide them with an equal education regardless of their
       handicaps, and
17 – communicate  regularly with their parents in English and Spanish
       by letter, telephone,  conferences, email, homework hotline, web
       page, midterm newsletters, and  report card.

You want me to do all this with a piece of chalk, a  blackboard, a
bulletin board, a few books, a big smile, and a starting  salary that
qualifies me for food stamps.

You want me to do all this and then you tell me…….


Are you nuts!

(Goes to show as a nation we are also morally bankrupt)

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Stimulus & Economy Snapshot 02/23/09

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Took the day off Sunday so NO publication on 2/22/09

Stimulus Plan Is No Blank Check

While addressing governors of both parties Obama hit home some key points.  The funds from the bill will be paid out promptly and spent wisely.  Big chunks of the stimulus bill funds go to public works, tax cuts and state aid.  

The first part, $15 billion for states to help pay for their Medicaid programs is going out to states apportioned for it this.  “I know something that is going to be of great relief to many of you,” Obama said.  “This is not a blank check,” he went on to say.  “We’re going to work with you closely to make sure that this money is spent the way it’s supposed to.”

To lend weight to his promises of transparency and strict oversight of these stimulus funds, Obama said supervision of the implementation of this bill is going to be done by Vice President Joe Biden.  It is up to him to ensure that money out would flow smoothly AND subsequently, that it is spent projects designed to help economic recovery.

 Earl Devaney was also appointed to act as the head of overseeing the funds are used appropriately.  Devaney is a former Special Agent of the Secret Service and also hass a long track record with experience as a government investigator.  He is well versed in government agency investigations so is a very good choice for this responsibility.  For a decade he was the inspector general at the Department of Interior where headed up internal investigations into a series of scandals within that agency.

Laid Off Workers Hit For Refund Of Severance Pay

WHAT!?  Microsoft says it made an error in severance pay for a number of workers.  It sent out notices to those employees asking them to pay the money back within the next two weeks.  It is unclear if there was an “or else” involved.  Other than they will have extra tax to pay but if they return the overpayment they will get an amended statement from the employer with the correct amounts to avoid a potential tax increase or penalty.  Like Microsoft really needs the refund.  Most likely they stiffed the employees anyway especially since they got the axe during these tough times as a cost cutting measure to bolster Microsoft bottom-line no doubt.

Oh, they also stated they made a mistake and underpaid some employees in their severance package.  Microsoft didn’t say how many or how much they shortchanged.  The also didn’t say if they would pay those they owe within the next two weeks.  This is the first mass lay-off in the company history, which amounts to a hair over 5% of the 94,000 employee workforce.  Of the 5,000 let go approximately 1,400 where alleged to have been overpaid. 

A Microsoft spokesperson confirmed that such letters were sent,  according to CNN.  Guess they need a patch to fix their mistake.  Of course they are used to it.  But it may take longer for a correct patch with their smaller workforce.

Oil Stays Below $39 Barrel

Even with OPEC cutting production numbers the oil market continues to be soft.  We are in a global down economy.  It’s recession and depression in every country in the world.  The bigger the industrialized the nation, the bigger their troubles are.  Even some of the biggest growth industrial countries from recent years are no longer buying oil like they were.  China, for example, has cut back on it’s purchases.  As demand for all manner of goods drop across the sectors and in every category, demand for raw materials that drive production fall.  Oil is at the root of many a industry and as a result will be in continued less demand for the short term.  While the short term price is dropping a little, it is a minuscule drop and most certainly short lived.  The price is going to climb in the next few months despite a lack of demand.  You can almost take that to the bank.

Some States May Decline A Portion Of Their Stimulus Funds

Some states may be opting to decline accepting a portion of the stimulus package funds.  At issue is the extended time and amounts that unemployed workers can collect.  The core concern for those states is that it will amount to an increased tax on employers once the bailout funds are gone.  Employers pay both a state AND a Federal unemployment tax.  This fee goes to fund unemployment benefits for laid off workers. 

This is NOT a tax deducted from employee pay.  The unemployment tax is  100% paid for by the employer.  The amount an employer pays is based on a scale of usage and can vary from one company to the next.  State and Federal governments set the scale, administer the programs and fund any shortage.  Over time,  any shortage is generally made up from future increased taxes to employers.  Increasing payouts now overdraws the funds already paid in.  The stimulus bill will replenish these funds.  However, it is short term and once the stimulus funds are spent, there are no funds for future extended payments and NO stipulations in place to cover future shortages.  Therefore, as the various plans are laid out from state to state, the employers will be getting a bigger tax bill in the future to fund the shortage.